Whole House Renovations and Texture: Wall Treatments, Wallpaper, and Beyond

When beginning your journey of whole-house renovations, it’s not just about the structural changes but also the finer details that breathe life into your living spaces. One often underestimated yet highly impactful aspect is the creative use of wall treatments and wallpaper. These elements can introduce texture, depth, and a unique character to your renovated home. Let’s explore how you can elevate your space through thoughtfully chosen textures!

Wall Treatments, Wallpaper, and Beyond

The Power of Texture

Texture is the secret ingredient that can transform a flat surface into a multi-dimensional masterpiece. It adds visual interest, depth, and a tactile quality that can be both inviting and intriguing. Whole-house renovations provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with different textures, creating a dynamic and visually stimulating environment. By deliberately adding specific textures, you can completely transform your space. 

Creative Wall Treatments

Consider incorporating creative wall treatments that go beyond the conventional. Textured paint, faux finishes, or even three-dimensional panels can add a new dimension to your walls. These treatments not only enhance the aesthetics but also play with light and shadow, creating an ever-changing visual feast.

If you want your room to appear taller, add thick crown molding. If you want your room to feel whimsical and unique, apply 3d acrylic paintings that burst from the flat walls. There are many options to go beyond an ordinary wall. 

Elevating with Wallpaper

Wallpaper has experienced a renaissance in interior design, and whole-house renovations offer an ideal canvas for its creative application. Choose wallpapers with intricate patterns, subtle textures, or even metallic accents to infuse personality into different rooms. From accent walls to entire rooms, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. 

A substantial benefit of adding wall upgrades in whole house renovations is creating a flowing theme in your home. Accents from each room subtly shine through the next, ultimately creating a unified theme within your renovated home. 

Tips for Texture During Remodel

Consistency in Style: While experimenting with texture is encouraged, maintaining a consistent style throughout the house is crucial. Consider the overall theme and color palette to ensure a harmonious flow.

Accent Walls: An accent wall with a bold texture or statement wallpaper can serve as a focal point in each room. This not only adds interest but also simplifies the application of intricate textures.

Consider the Space: Different rooms serve different purposes, and the choice of texture should align with the function of the space—for instance, serene textures in the bedroom and vibrant ones in the living areas.

Natural Elements: Incorporating natural textures, such as stone or reclaimed wood, can bring an organic feel to your home. These materials add warmth and a touch of nature to your living spaces.

Lighting Matters: The interplay between texture and lighting is essential. Experiment with lighting fixtures to cast interesting shadows and highlight the texture of your chosen wall treatments.

Glickman’s Expertise in Whole-House Transformations

At Glickman Design Build, we understand the significance of texture in the overall design of a home. Our expert team collaborates with clients to bring their vision to life, ensuring that each chosen texture contributes to the entire space’s cohesive beauty.
As you embark on the journey of whole-house renovations, don’t overlook the power of texture. Whether it’s the subtle elegance of textured paint or the bold statement of designer wallpaper, these elements can turn your home into a textured haven. Contact Glickman Design Build today, and let’s weave the story of your home’s transformation, one texture at a time.