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    Elevate Your Home Living: The Advantages of Home Elevators

    When we think of elevators, the image that typically comes to mind is that of a commercial building or a high-rise apartment complex. However, elevators have evolved beyond being a symbol of urban living; they have found their way into our homes, providing convenience, accessibility, and a touch of luxury. Here are our thoughts on […]

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    How to Earn Tax Credits for Your Home Renovations

    Did you know you can receive tax credits when renovating your home? Home improvements can provide valuable opportunities to save on your taxes. This is another great reason upgrading can be the best decision you make as a homeowner! So, if you have completed renovation projects this past tax year or are getting a plan [...]

  • Elevator Addition in McLean, VA

    Luxury and Convenience for this Complex 4-story, 4-stop Elevator Addition in McLean, Virginia

    This complicated elevator addition proved to be too challenging for many contractors, but a perfect fit for the experienced team of Glickman Design Build. Four other contractors were called but could not find a good solution for this 4-story Northern Virginia home. One company proposed a 4-stop elevator addition plan that cost more and would […]

  • adding a home elevator

    Adding a Home Elevator: Luxury or Necessity?

    Adding an elevator to your home may sound extremely luxurious, but as a large amount of satisfied homeowners can testify, it may simply be a bare necessity to the elderly or disabled. The old advice of ‘just’ relocating to a home without stairs once they become troublesome, simply no longer holds value. This advice also […]


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