Smart Upgrades for your Kitchen

Where Beauty Meets Function

High-End contemporary look Kitchen The homeowners, perennial city dwellers, decided that they were in a place in their lives that they wanted more space in their home and thus opted to move out to the suburbs. They found a great house on a quiet street with lots of great trees and nice yards. But the interior of the home needed some remodeling in order to meet their needs. The homeowners love to entertain and enjoy cooking new and interesting things. Because of this they had some very specific requirements of the new space. In order to accomplish these goals a complete demolition and redesign of the space was needed.

The scope of work included:
Demolition of an existing kitchen and dining room to create one large kitchen space which would provide both food prep, cooking, baking and entertaining space, removing a load bearing wall between the two spaces, and updating the dated kitchen that had last been remodeled in the 70’s into a unique, contemporary look. The components of the kitchen were very important to the homeowners. Because their wish list was so immense, the kitchen was designed into two key areas. The main area of the kitchen included a high end gas range and gas fire wok perfect for cooking and grilling and a large sink and dishwasher. Open shelves were also incorporated to house cooking supplies and serving dishes and to create an open, airy look. The other side of the kitchen contains the bar area with room for gathering and entertaining. The bar also includes a small prep sink, ovens for baking and microwave. Granite counter-tops and porcelain tile floors throughout tied the whole room together.



Overall, the homeowner’s goals were met with a beautifully updated contemporary kitchen with all of the bells and whistles the homeowners desired. Not only do they have the ideal layout to cook and bake a wide variety of items, they now have the gathering space they desired to host parties for family and friends. And the clean, sleek lines of the space, contemporary appliances and cabinetry, and open shelving create the contemporary look the homeowners were seeking.