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Aging in Place: A Challenges and Solutions Checklist

There are many solutions and remedies to assist with Aging in Place. Check out our list and learn how you can stay safe and comfortable in your home.

The Difficulty: Poor Balance and Coordination


  • Walk-in shower with a seat
  • Rounded counter edges
  • Grab bars near the bath and toilet
  • Stairway handrails

The Difficulty: Hearing Impairment


  • Quiet dishwasher to reduce background noise
  • Increased volume on phones
  • Smoke detectors with strobe lights

The Difficulty: Limited Reach


  • Closet rods pulled down to a reasonable level
  • Handheld shower
  • Front-loading washing machine and dryer
  • Lazy Susan to reach items stored on deep shelves
  • Pull-out shelves in the kitchen

 The Difficulty: Limited Vision


  • Edge of counters a different color from the top
  • Edge of each step is a color that stands out
  • Increased wattage of light bulbs
  • Lights in every closet
  • Outside walkways, and entrances are all well-lit.
  • Under-the-cabinet lights are over the kitchen counter.

 The Difficulty: Poor Hand and Arm Strength


  • Smooth countertops so heavy pans can slide across them
  • Automatic garage door opener
  • Garbage disposal to reduce trash
  • Special hardware to make drawers slide easily

The Difficulty: Trouble Bending


  • Doors are wide enough for a walker to get through
  • Countertop that can be used while sitting
  • Sink no more than six inches deep

 The Difficulty: Trouble Walking and Climbing Stairs


  • Floors are smooth and slip-resistant
  • Knee space under the stove to allow sitting while cooking
  • Ramp to front door with handrails on both sides

 The Difficulty: Uses a Wheelchair


  • “Walk-in” closet wide enough for a wheelchair
  • Appliances have controls at the front
  • Doors and hallways are wide enough for a wheelchair
  • Kitchen and closets have pull-down shelving
  • Way to transfer into the tub
  • Roll-in shower

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