Painting? Learn how these colors will make you feel

By: Charity Corkey

Recently, I decided it’s time to paint my bathroom.

The color has always irked me. It’s a dingy beige, and I feel my mood lift when walk back out into the calming blue in my bedroom.

Before trekking to Lowes, however, I’ve been reading up on color psychology. I’m not a morning person, and I’m hoping a change will make it feel refreshing and cheerful.

So far, I’ve found a plethora of information on the subject.

Did you know that red triggers increased heart rate, irritability, and anxiety in some people?

I also read an interesting study stating a particular shade of pink, Baker-Miller pink,

produces a Zen effect. A Seattle prison used it on many of their walls, and noticed a significant decline in inmate outbursts.

The study also suggested it may decrease hunger …… (Kendall Jenner claims it suppresses her appetite).

But dieting aside …

Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned about the wonderful world of color, as illustrated with some of the beautiful renovations by Glickman Design Build.


Blue is most commonly associated with tranquility and serenity, and it tends to invoke a peaceful or relaxed feeling. Pictured here, a vibrant and peaceful kitchen remodel by Glickman Design Build.


What a color. Wealth, sophistication, and mystery are some of the feelings conjured by this regal hue.


Green is one my favorite colors. It brings nature indoors, and is linked to growth and harmony. It’s a great color for kitchens and common spaces. I would love to cook in this kitchen remodel by Glickman Design Build.


A happy color. I recall painting my bedroom in high school a light shade of yellow, and I loved the result. Yellow brings optimism and joy.


Orange can be difficult to pull off, but has a beautiful effect if done well. It’s one of the most energetic colors, and evokes excitement, warmth, and enthusiasm.


I usually prefer colors to neutrals, but I can’t get over this stunning master bathroom renovation by Glickman Design Build. Brown is a grounding color, associated with comfort, stability, and reliability.


Because red is powerful and bold, many people choose to use it as a statement color. Linked to romance, success, and intensity, it’s a great color for an accent wall like the one pictured here.


The purest of all colors, white evokes cleanliness, goodness, innocence, and safety – and it’s the perfect, crisp color for this kitchen remodel by Glickman Design Build.

As for my project, I will post an update when it’s done. (I’m leaning toward the yellow family.) In the meantime, if you have questions about colors and designs, give our team a call at any of our locations.

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