Tips for Creating an In-Law Suite

It’s always a good idea to start thinking about the future of your parents and in-laws, and even your own, now, rather than when you really need to. In-law suites can be ideal for relatives who want to keep their privacy and maintain some independence while also feeling included in the rest of the household. When creating an in-law suite, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Think about location

There are often many options for where to build your in-law suite depending on your home and lot. You can transform your garage or porch area into an enclosed space. You can design an addition onto your home.  You can combine existing rooms in your home such as a living room and dining room.

Think about functionality

Keep in mind who will be using your new space and anticipate the needs they will have now and in the future.  Will they need wider doors and hallways? Could they use assisted baths with lever handles and stylish guardrails? How about no-slip flooring and no-curb showers? The possibilities are virtually endless.

Think about decor

If your relatives aren’t planning to move in permanently or they won’t move in for a while, it’s important to keep everyone in mind with the decor of your addition. Keeping things neutral, from flooring, to curtains, to wall color, will allow personal touches to be added by those that use the space.