The Popularity of Multi-Room Remodels

A big trend today in home remodeling is multi-room remodels, especially on the first floor of the home. This often includes the kitchen, hall bath, mudroom and family room. As some of the most well-used rooms in the home, having the design, style, and functionality of each flow from one to the other is critical in reaching maximum performance and efficiency as well as aesthetic appeal. The kitchen and family room typically form one open space. This allows family members and guests in each room to spill into the other, offering an airy and non-cramped feel no matter the size.
Large Eating space for family of 5This layout also provides ample seating for entertaining from the kitchen table, to island seating, to furniture in a sitting area or family room. Mudrooms have become a huge part of the multi-room mix as well. In recent years converting the old “laundry room” into a more functional mudroom space incorporates not only washers and dryers, but also plenty of storage space and furniture-like cubbies and hooks to help active families on the go stay organized.