Home Remodeling

Design with the Future in Mind

Home exterior before picture
Exterior Before: The original home’s exterior lacked the curb appeal the homeowners desired.
Home exterior after picture
Exterior After: The new dormers give a completely fresh and updated look to this home’s exterior.
Exterior Before: The backyard contained ample room to expand the footprint of the home.
Exterior After: The new addition allows for more living space in the home as well as easy access from the driveway for wheelchair users.

While these homeowners loved their neighborhood, their home lacked the functionality, modern amenities and design touches that they desired. And thinking toward the future, incorporating accessible amenities with a modern and beautiful look was also very important to them. A 1940’s Cape Cod, the house was cramped and tight with narrow doorways and tight hallways. The décor was dated and lacked modern flare.

Based on the homeowners needs and desires the goals for this CotY (Contractor of the Year) award-winning project were to add an overall modern and updated feel to the home both inside and out, add space, increase the flow and functionality of the existing space, create a first floor bedroom for single-level living, and create an accessible entry from the driveway to accommodate potential future needs.

On the exterior, curved dormers and a front portico add a modern flare. Because the front yard has a steep drop off to the street, an accessible entry in the front didn’t make sense. Instead, a new rear ramp was created connecting the driveway to an accessible no-step entry. An addition off the back of the home with a clean, modern design provided ample room to navigate a wheelchair should the need arise.

A new, open concept kitchen features open shelving for easy access and visibility, pull out drawers, ample workspace, and a raised oven. A Thermador induction cooktop was selected to avoid accidental burning of arms when reaching over the cooktop from a seated position. Front controls for a motorized vent allow for use from a seated position.

Kitchen Before: The original kitchen was dark and cramped making it less than ideal as a gathering place as well as difficult for meal preparation.
Kitchen After 1: The new kitchen boasts a tiered island perfect for quick meals on the go or for having a leisurely conversation.
Kitchen After 2: Exposed shelves add functionality and a visual focal point for the space.

A central vacuum system was installed throughout the home with concealed extractable hosing up to 45ft for ease of keeping up with cleaning and minimal effort in only needing to bring a collapsible attachment to each room.

A redesigned front living room was opened up with the removal of a wall. A television mounted with an adjustable arm allows for various comfortable viewing positions.

In the bathroom the vanity that was selected can be completely removed, leaving the wall mounted sink and countertop to allow full access for a roll under wheelchair in the future. Ample space was provided on both sides of the toilet to allow for after market medical devices and toilet chairs for handicap toilet use as the client did not want grab bars but they can easily be installed later. A wall-mounted toilet was set for the homeowners’ height preference with a full bidet. And finally, an adjustable shower arm makes it easy to reach controls.

Bathroom Before: The original bathroom was small and cramped and lacked storage space.
Bathroom After: The new bathroom offers the functionality and accessibility the homeowner desired along with a fresh, updated look.

With thoughtful design focused on future needs as the homeowners age, this home is now not only beautiful and modern, but is complete with the functionality necessary for this to be the forever home the homeowner’s desired.