First Floor Renovation

A First Floor Renovation for Today and Tomorrow

A floorplan redesign incorporates accessibility in the anticipation of single-level living

Remodeled for Living

As this Silver Spring family looked to make some updates to their home, their number one goal was to design with the future in mind. The current layout of the home relied on two-story living. A big part of the renovation plan was to design for first floor living while considering accessibility throughout.

To make the first floor a fully livable space both inside and out, an addition and sunroom complete with a brick patio was incorporated onto the back of the home. This, along with removing a wall between the kitchen and living room, allowed for a larger kitchen. The new kitchen boasts a peninsula with seating as well as table seating as opposed to the original galley style kitchen that did not accommodate seating.

A garage that had been converted into a den was now transformed into an updated sitting room that can be used as a bedroom at some point should the need arise. The existing design had a step into this room that has now been removed to make the room flush with the rest of the first floor, allowing for ease to come and go.

Seeing the Future (floorplan)

Glickman Design’s 3D rendering software allowed the homeowners to visualize the new space before committing to the changes. The virtual look at the floorplan helped give a sense of how traffic
would flow through the new space, how furniture would fit, and even how light fixtures would illuminate rooms and work areas.


An old garage-to-den conversion and the typical small rooms of this older house made for a chopped-up and inefficient floorplan. Radiators, small windows and other details original to the house presented opportunities for dramatic improvements in livability for the owners – for today and for tomorrow.

More Convenient Today & Ready for Tomorrow.

A partial bathroom on the first floor was converted into a full bathroom and includes a curbless shower. The shower glass door is removable and the vanity is set up to convert to a wall mounted sink to create a fully accessible “wet room”. A new laundry room (the original laundry room had been combined with the bathroom) allows for modern conveniences that the room formerly lacked. Doorways throughout the first floor were increased to 36” so that they are wheelchair accessible.

With careful planning and creative design, this house can now serve as this family’s forever home. The renovation mixed style with function creating the best of both worlds!

More Space, More Convenience: In addition to the new, more functional living space, the renovation also allowed the homeowners to incorporate much-appreciated updates such as added storage in drawers and cabinets and a more accessible laundry room.