Accessible shower

An Accessible Bath – In a Condo Floorplan

Glickman Design Improves Safety and Comfort

Accessible shower

Accessible master bathroom
Dream Goals

It was all about making a safe and accessible master bathroom with beautiful design elements for this Arlington, VA condo owner. Being a walker and wheelchair user, space and ease of mobility were top priorities. The existing bathroom had a large tub and a shower with a cumbersome step making the room a challenge to use. The plan included taking out the existing shower and tub and redesigning the bathroom to include a large roll in shower with a lot more room for the homeowner to maneuver with her walker or wheelchair.

Accessible master bathroom

What was Done

Installing a new, roll-in shower was key to this bathroom remodel. Fortunately there was plenty of space to make this happen by removing an existing tub that was taking up a lot of space and not getting used. The floor had to be raised to accommodate the curb-less shower since the drain couldn’t be moved being that this was a condo. The new shower featured; a beautiful glass door with floor to ceiling glass, a seat, a regular and handheld showerhead, no curb so that wheelchair accessible, and a door that swings both ways to allow ease of access. Grab bars were included virtually everywhere but with careful consideration to the design of the overall space. The makeup and sink area took into account the homeowners’ ability to roll her walker or wheelchair underneath.

Mission Accomplished

The new bathroom boasts a current yet timeless look featuring clean lines, beautiful details and peace of mind when it comes to safety and comfort. This is now not only a beautiful but functional space that the homeowner can enjoy for many years to come.

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