Universal Design: A Home Well Lived

What is Universal Design?

Simply, Universal Design is a practical approach that calls for products and environments to be equitable and accessible to all, regardless of age, size, or ability.

On an emotional level, Universal Design follows very naturally from the most basic ideals: Opportunity for comfort and access for all. In millions of lives, assistive Universal Design is helping to defeat dependence and frustration, isolation and gives respect for the dignity of living a full life.

Everyone will eventually be touched by universal design. If a home or an apartment or even a playground is accessible, usable, convenient and a pleasure to use, all benefit. By considering the needs and abilities of all throughout the design process, universal design creates products, services and environments that meet needs. It’s quite simple; Universal Design is good design.

Universal Design Touches Lives.

For example, a couple lives in a home for 40 years- they love their home. But now they can’t get up the stairs like they used
to. The bathrooms are harder to use so they might need support rails. The master bedroom on the second floor now needs
to be on the first. This is when you call in the experts.

The Experts In Universal Design: Glickman/ Design.Remodel.Build.

At Glickman we are champions of universal design principles and for over three decades we’ve used these concepts to
create award-winning living space. At the start of every Universal Design project we consider:

1. Equitable Use
2. Flexibility in Use
3. Simple and Intuitive Use
4. Perceptible Information (e.g., color contrast)
5. Low Physical Effort
6. Size and Space for Approach and Use

By taking all of these aspects into consideration, underpinned by Glickman’s design and construction teams, the results are clear: better living spaces, more beautiful neighborhoods and homes with higher resale value. The team at Glickman stands alone as the leading Universal Design contractor in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Let’s make your home more valuable and your address more desirable.

If you would like to discuss how Universal Design can enhance your home or other home addition projects with a
knowledgeable member of our team, we can be reached by phone at 301-444-4663. There is also a contact form on this
website that you can use to send us a message.