Create Universal Design

Universal Design Sparks a Revolution

Universal Design can be summed up in one dramatic word: Inclusion. Years ago, we at Glickman/Design Remodel Build started using Universal Design in the remodeling of homes and offices and we’re proud to say this idea has now spread to every corner of our culture. Universal Design was invented to be the people’s servant, to help them master day-to-day living. It’s an ideal that speaks to and involves everyone and translates to the design of products for everyone regardless of age, size or ability.

Look around. You can see its influence on changing our day to day living. Restaurants now have curbed access ramps. Homes have elevators. Cars have eyes in the front and back, automated doors even closed captioning in television sets and accessibility features for computers.

Universal Design is Found in Places you never expected

We live in a culture where everyone strives to be included. Universal Design gets us there. Universal Design has found itself in places like the iPhone, which improves access and usability to smartphones for people who are not technologically savvy. It’s in our kitchen; the OXO Good Grips kitchen utensils, which have oversized handles that are easier to grip. Most people do not realize that these products are examples of universal design.

Glickman a leading force in Universal Design

Universal Design marks a new era – a permanent revolution – in homes from California to Washington D.C. In this area, Glickman/ Design Remodel Build has been a major player building better lives for parents and their children. If you want to age in place, Glickman is the right company to call. Or if you simply want to remodel your kitchen with things like grab bars or rollout drawers, we are the right company for you.

Universal Design means everyone is included no one is left behind. The principals are all there and all you have to do is access them. We are ready to help. Planning for your future in your home remodel can be easy, practical and beautiful. For more than 40 years, Glickman has been partnering with families, individuals and corporations to create refined, environmentally conscious, and visually striking universal designs.

Age In Place Basics

Unfortunately, homes actually age faster than we do. When you first bought your home those high ceilings, circular stairways and step-up entrances were beautiful. But now the home’s steep steps and narrow doorways make it less livable. Suddenly, things that you once took for granted, like turning on the lights, unlocking your door, or turning on the water in your shower have suddenly become difficult. For aging in place, changes are needed.

The Glickman team will work with you

When we sit down with our clients we find that most people want to stay in the comfort, security and independence that their home provides. That’s why you need a contractor with over 40 years of experience in getting the job done right. Glickman knows every individual is different, every home is different and we work hard to make sure that the homeowner is comfortable with their new age in place space. Whether you’re looking for a completely remodeled home, or to remodel hardworking rooms like your kitchen and bathroom to make them safer, less complicated, and more convenient, Glickman’s award-winning teams know Universal Design and will build the space that’s perfectly tailored to you.

Plan, Design and Create Universal Design Today!

Glickman, the leading group for home design and remodeling, provides customers in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and the Maryland area with everything they need to create universal design living. We know that aging in place is strongly linked to greater health and happiness and that’s why we are so proud to offer our experience, creativity, design to help you stay in your home and encourage more families to live together under one roof.

For all your building, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman/Design Remodel Build is the right choice. If you’d like to discuss a new project with a knowledgeable Universal Design consultant, you can contact us via our site or call us at one of the phone numbers below:
Maryland: (301) 444-4663
Virginia: (703) 832-8159
Washington, DC: (202) 792-7320