Outdoor Living Renovation

Home Additions for Increased Home Value

Once the family office was the kitchen table. A garage needed to hold but one car. Bedrooms never heard of a king-size bed. A workout room was a basement. Entranceways couldn’t handle wheelchairs. And a few bookshelves were your library. Today we have new needs and new skills to change everything from the bathroom to the backyard, everything inside and out can be made better with additions that reflect the way we live today.

Renovate your home for better living

At Glickman/ Design Remodel Build we believe the beauty of building additions is that it gives us the opportunity to create everything state-of-the-art, keeping energy and environmental concerns and your vision front and center. We have a detailed and thoughtful approach in the initial stage; sweating every detail, this is a safeguard to make sure we do the work the way you want it to be.

Building Home Additions that Blend into the Environment

There is something beautiful about keeping the spirit and identity of a particular place then adding an addition to make it more comfortable for the way you live today. That’s why the Glickman team evaluates your existing home and use of space, your property and your future needs to help determine the best way to seamlessly add space to your existing home.

If your home is a modest one, they will create floor plans that make the most of nooks and crannies. They cover everything from big renovation projects to smaller ones that need fine crafted details. Glickman’s experience brings the right look for every age and style of house. They honor your homes look. It’s like your home grew an addition and no one may notice.

Home Additions add value

A great addition will not only provide the functionality you are looking for but can have a huge impact on the beauty and curb appeal of your home. The transformation can be amazing. Having completed hundreds of additions and with a well-defined process to make the experience as seamless as possible, you can count on the designers at Glickman to get you on the right track.

Budgeting and other questions

One of the most important questions on a homeowners mind when considering an addition is “How much is it going to cost”? The size of the space being renovated and the materials selected play a major role in determining this. Other questions to consider that have an effect on cost are:

-Will I need permission from the town for my addition?
-What are the building regulations
-Can I make changes?
-Will my project upset my neighbors?
-Heating and electric

The professionals at Glickman Design Remodel Build can help you answer these questions and address your many concerns as you plan an addition to your home.

Don’t do it yourself. Additions can be major projects. Finding the right materials and using the right tools is a serious undertaking. Leave this to the professionals. Glickman’s design and construction teams are ready with skill, care and expertise. The team at Glickman stands alone as the leading contractor in the Washington, D.C. Northern Virginia and Maryland areas.

Let us make your addition add more value and more beauty to your home.
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