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Universal Design for Kitchens and Baths -The Glickman Way

Great Design should be part of every home. But that great design for homes bought years ago will need to change, as we get older, to meet the needs of people with disabilities and couples who wish to age-in-place. There is a solution. It’s called Universal Design.

The Experts in Universal Design (UD)

    Russ Glickman

For over four decades Glickman/ Design Remodel Build has used UD concepts to create award-winning living space. For our founder Russ Glickman, it’s been part of his personal story. Russ is the father of a child with cerebral palsy. Also as a caretaker for an aging parent, he is well versed in the unique needs and sensitivities of families where physical disability is part of their day-to-day life.

What We Do

We didn’t coin the phrase Universal Design, but it’s been a part of our philosophy for as long as we’ve been in business. When you’re considering adding UD concepts into your home, we’ll sit down with you and detail how using UD will make your life easier for the many years you live in your home. We will help you develop a plan focused on Glickman experience, capabilities, and ingenuity.

Every Detail Important
We review every aspect of the home. Little things that can make a huge difference like avoiding sharp boundaries between rooms without doorways. Lowering height light switches? and raised height electrical outlets so there’s no bending down.

The Universal Open-Concept Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important part for most homes. On weekends the place is party central. The whole family seems to do everything there. It’s a game room, TV room, office and kitchen all rolled into one. On holidays it’s where you entertain.

A Glickman kitchen featuring Universal Design concepts

Open concept kitchens maximize the appearance of space, and give better functionality and UD design. Open concept spaces eliminate barriers such as walls and doors that traditionally separate areas, such as kitchen, living room, and dining room.

When redoing a kitchen you may want to consider appliance drawers that pull out instead of doors for dishwasher/refrigerator/freezer. Also rounded corners on countertops make life in kitchen safer for adults and children

The Universal Design Bathroom

A Glickman bathroom featuring Universal Design concepts

Glickman is an expert for safer bathrooms. Many universal design features are luxurious in nature such as curb-less oversized showers, extra wide doorways, and heated non-slip floors. You can also remodel with Euro-Style Showers that are larger and have a smaller step to enter. Glickman takes care of details like:
•Wall mounted vanity to open up more floor space?.
•Shower and bathtub valves that are easy to reach?.
•Single handle valves that turn on the water and adjust the temperature as you turn one handle.

Call Glickman

You probably have many questions about Universal Design and the professionals at Glickman/ Design Remodel Build are happy to inform, educate and address your many concerns. Universal Design will make your home safer, more inviting and better for aging-in-place. We guarantee it.

One of the biggest benefits of remodeling with Glickman is that our work will add significant value to your home; especially if you are investing in your home for resale value or leaving it to your children.

But remember, don’t do it yourself. Kitchen and bath remodeling are major projects. Finding the right materials and using the right tools is a serious undertaking. Leave this to the professionals. Glickman’s design and construction teams are ready with skill, care and expertise.

The team at Glickman stands alone as the leading contractor in the Washington, D.C. Northern Virginia and Maryland areas. Contact or call Glickman/ Design Remodel Build at 301-444-4663.