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A New Way to Welcome Your Graduates Back Home

Welcome to the boomerang generation; recent college graduates who return to live at home after college. There are many reasons why. Although graduates from the class of 2019 will enjoy one of the best job markets in years, apartment rents are sky high. Then there are the hefty student loan bills from college, putting a severe strain on most recent graduates.

Help is on the way

From a financial perspective, moving back home can provide graduates with an opportunity to start paying back loans or build up an emergency fund with the goal of gaining independence. Also, living with your parents is natural. Who better to live with? Now we know that old room your kids lived in may not work for an adult who needs their own space. That’s why at Glickman/ Design Remodel Build we’ll help you devise a dynamic master plan to transform that cold musty basement into a livable, comfortable home within your home.
Graduates Back HomeWhat to create for your basement

A basement, with its concrete floor and exposed joists, may seem raw, but think of it as a blank canvas which just needs a parents and designers loving touch. Before we get to fun stuff like rugs, paint and track lighting there are some basics to consider. You will probably need to add plumbing and wiring and you’ll need to insulate the ground and walls of the basement to protect against noise and cold temperatures. Basement building codes usually require basement windows that both let in light and allow people to escape in case of an emergency. These are some basics. It all depends on where you live and the town requirements.

Call in the experts

At Glickman/ Design Remodel Build, we collaborate with you to create the perfect basement remodel for your lifestyle and budget. We have been setting the standard for basement remodels in this area for decades. Year after year, we win awards for excellence that are voted on by experts within our industry and we take a lot of pride in the reputation that we have been able to establish-we can do this for you. All costs are driven by the complexity of the design and materials you choose. Come in and visit our showroom and you’ll discover our wide range of product options and creative ideas. It’s our job to make sure you get exactly what you want.

All basements are not the same

Your basement is a unique environment. There are challenges that don’t appear anywhere else in the home. Obstacles such as low ceilings, utilities, and dampness are exactly what the experts at Glickman are designed to handle. Here are just some of the challenges Glickman will handle:

* Obstacles such as staircases, support columns, and windows
* Building around utilities such as furnaces and water heaters
* Low ceilings that have pipes and ductwork
* Creating larger windows to meet code
* Uneven or stone walls

Add Value

Basements remodels are improvements that increase home value. The basement already has a floor, walls, wiring, plumbing, and a roof – making it affordable to renovate and adds square footage to your home. But more than that, a finished basement will improve your child’s living experience over the short and long-term. So it’s well worth the money and the effort.

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If you are thinking about the possibility of a basement remodel to your home in the DC metro area, now is the time to call Glickman. We place an emphasis on client communication and we would be more than happy to set up a meeting between you and one of our designers to explore the possibilities. To set the wheels in motion, contact us or call us at (301) 444-4663.