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Perhaps it’s the only place without selfies. There’s no better place to soak, unwind and relax. It’s your bathroom. And as you age in place, it’s the most important place that will need to change. The family bathroom has multiple users, whether children or houseguests and works very hard to accommodate them. Future-proofing a bathroom now is a prudent way to ready for all stages of life. If you live in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area call Glickman/ Design Remodel Build and they will take you through the process of creating a bathroom that is safe, healthy and functional for all family members.

Examples of Accessibility Design created by Glickman/Design Remodel Build

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Planning a bathroom could take complex design, like removing a wall and changing the plumbing. Your existing floor structure, whether it’s concrete or wood- framed, will need to be assessed to make sure that wet areas meet relevant codes of compliance. So rather than trying to plan it yourself, it’s crucial to have an experienced contractor. This will save you a lot of stress and money in the long term. The Glickman professionals know the industry health and safety guidelines and universal accessibility standards. Glickman also has the most current knowledge of new building materials and product developments to maximize space and universal design style.

Making a half bathroom full
Many homes feature a half-bath or powder room on the first floor. But the principles of universal design require outfitting the main level of your home with a full bath to make it easy for people of all ability levels to access the area. Popping out an external wall, or shifting or removing an internal one, will make a huge difference to how your new main floor bathroom looks and functions. Keep in mind that more than 2/3 of emergency room visits (of baby boomers/elderly) are due to bathroom falls. The tub and shower are the most hazardous for children and grandchildren. Remodeling your bathroom will also go a long way to preventing accidents.

Some Tips
Here are some ideas to create more accessibility to your bathroom. Of course not all will work with every house. But today these ideas will make life easier for aging in place.

•Expand the Doorway
Most doorways range from 30 to 32 inches wide. A 36-inch-wide doorway makes it easier for people who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

•Ensure Adequate Floor Space
Allow for 5 feet of open floor space. A wide-open area allows people in wheelchairs to a make a 180-degree turn.

•Install Lighting
Add adequate lighting in the entry, vanity, and shower areas in your bathroom to illuminate them for all users.

•Choose the Right Flooring
Outfit your bathroom with slip-resistant flooring to ensure people of all ability levels can move effortlessly throughout the space, even when the floor is wet.

•Use the Right Hardware
Large D-shape door and drawer pulls make it easy for people of all abilities to gain entry into the storage areas they need.

Taller Toilet
Most toilets range from 14 to 15 inches tall. Outfit your bathroom with a taller model, 16 inches or higher.

•Floating Vanity
Floating vanities not only look great, but also they come in handy for universal design. A cabinet mounted directly on the wall enables users in wheelchairs to tuck their legs in beneath the unit to gain access to the sink.

•Select a Faucet
A single-lever design or Paddle handle faucet, can be turned on with an open palm or a closed fist, which makes it the perfect addition to a universally designed bathroom.

•Install Grab Bars
Boost safety and ease of use by installing grab bars in certain areas of your bathroom. Place bars near the toilet and in the shower and bathtub to ensure people with limited mobility have something to grab.

•Opt for a Walk-In Shower
With no lip marking the entrance to the shower, walk-in models allow people in wheelchairs or who have limited mobility to move in and out of the space with ease.

•Shower Bench
Outfit your shower with a wide bench to add loads of functionality.

•Make Towels Accessible
Grasping around for towels can be dangerous. Hang towel or robe hooks right next to the shower ensures they’re accessible for everyone.

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Glickman is the leading firm for home design and remodeling, providing customers in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and the Maryland area with everything they need to improve and make their bathrooms safer, more accessible and perfect for those who want to age in place. Glickman was built on a foundation of integrity, care, and understanding. From day one our mission has been to provide superior design, remodel and construction services to customers that value their fine homes. For over 40 years we’ve strived to exceed expectations by focusing on professionalism, clear communication, quality craftsmanship and meeting unique needs.

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