Multigenerational Living

An Old Idea Is New Again: In-law Multigenerational Living

It’s called In-Law Multigenerational Living. Before World War II it was the way Americans lived. According to Census records in 1940, about one-quarter of the U.S. population lived with three or more generations in one home. After WWII everything changed. American families lived under one roof, with parents and their young children. Suburban living was the trend, and glorious large and small homes became the norm. Today home prices have soared. Housing for seniors and assisted living has also become quite expensive. Which means more multigenerational families are living together under one roof. Children, parents, grandparents and other extended family together in a single household is the growing trend. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t designed to support multigenerational living – that’s why you need the help of Glickman|Design Remodel Build. We are a family firm focused on renovating for in-law multigenerational living.

Glickman: The Experts in Repurposing Your Home

For over 40 years we have been redesigning, repurposing and rebuilding homes to meet a new lifestyle. The Glickman team evaluates your existing home, use of space, and your future needs to seamlessly add or reconfigure space customized for in-law multigenerational living. Then our experienced professionals work with you every step of the way to implement your vision.

According to Barron’s, sometimes the modifications you make can also be covered by long-term care insurance.

The need for privacy

Glickman can create a plan to provide both open shared spaces for family and social gatherings and separate private spaces for family members. Full living in law suites can also be adapted for needs as families evolve. While privacy matters, there are some other benefits to in-law multigenerational living like shared expenses. A family under one roof pays one set of bills for local town taxes, internet, water, sewer, electricity and other utilities.

Creating Your Private Bathroom

Having a private suite with a personal bathroom is a must. It produces the felt-sense of privacy within your home. Although you may not want to start with grab bars, the room should have the necessary supports in the walls for easy installation of handles and safety bars at a later time. Pedestal sinks are easier for wheelchair users, but they are still attractive. Another option is adjustable height vanities. Choose tubs that are wide enough to handle special lift seats in the future, and there should also be dedicated outlets that can power a lift chair or other safety equipment. You can also eliminate the tub completely and choose curb-less showers that are easy for people with limited mobility to use.

Kitchen Considerations

One of the great things Glickman enjoys about creating in-law suites is customizing the space for those living within it. A kitchenette or kitchen area is another key factor. When designing the space, choose raised cabinets with additional kick space underneath. Look for multi-level, pullout counters that can be used by people in walkers or wheelchairs. Faucets with motion sensors are also a smart investment. Induction cooktops are easy to use and safer. Look for wall ovens that can be mounted at a height that’s comfortable for people in wheelchairs. Choose base cabinets featuring drawers that pull out rather than cavernous cabinet spaces. All of these additions make the kitchen more functional for aging family members.

Plan, Design and Create In-Law Multigenerational Living Today!

Glickman| Design Remodel Build, the leading group for home design and remodeling, provides customers in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and the Maryland area with everything they need to create in-law multigenerational living. With the young unable to afford to leave home and seniors facing the high cost assisted living and the risk of isolation, more families are opting to live together.

Many families have called on us to start the process. We are the right choice. We know what matters to you. After all, we’ve been remodeling outstanding homes and communities for over 40 years. We utilize both our experience, design and local knowledge to help you make the best choices. For all of your building, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman|Design Remodel Build is the right choice. If you’d like to discuss a new project with one of our knowledgeable consultants, you can contact us via our site or at one of the phone numbers below:

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