Lifting Spirits with Mechanical Lifts

A mechanical lift changed our world. It was called the elevator. An invention that gave rise to the skyscraper and centuries later it’s still creating new ways to live and work.
Today mechanical lifts can be individualized to give amazing accessibility to those in wheelchairs, using walkers and people with limited mobility. Today mechanical lifts are making life better in homes all across this area. The industry leader to remodel your home for more accessibility is Glickman/Design Remodel Build.

Helping people stay in their home

Glickman is a family-owned business. For more than 40 years, we have remodeled homes with ceiling lifts, home elevators, stairlifts and many more mechanical apparatuses to help families realize a better quality of life. For those with mobility needs, eliminating walking up and downstairs makes it easier to stay in your home. Now people in wheelchairs or walkers can get access to every floor, which gives them more years in the home they love, surrounded by the people that love them.

mechanical lifts

Elevating Lives

Most homes in our area are two levels. As we age, moving between those levels becomes more difficult. If your home includes someone in a wheelchair or an aging parent who has difficulty climbing stairs on his or her own, you need a solution. Thanks to Glickman’s expertise, families are installing home elevators to assist loved ones with moving from floor to floor. Depending on your home and needs, installation can be quicker than you think. The experts at Glickman will evaluate your home and chose the best options after thoroughly researching what best for you. This one adjustment to your home can mean that elderly family members do not have to be placed in a retirement home but can rather stay with family.

Elevator Options

An elevator can be added using existing square footage or a shaft can be built on the home’s exterior if there is not adequate space in the existing home. Our designers can create a plan that adds to the visual interest and beauty to your home both inside and out, in addition to the functionality it provides. A shaft built along the exterior of your house with doors opening into the home can be a great option. A 6-foot by 6-foot addition can often be enough and lets you preserve the look of your interior.
Today elevators for home usually increase in your home’s resale value which means you’re selling into a much larger market.

Stair Lifts

Stairlifts provide another option for helping those with limited mobility move around the house. They are perfect for many staircases and are used by one person at a time. They’re installed on your existing staircase, so little remodeling is needed. If you’d like to learn more about chair lifts, call Glickman. Our experts will come into your home to measure your staircase’s slope, width and style and create a custom design to fit your mobility needs. Chair lifts bring independence and accessibility to the home you love.

Ceiling Lifts

Safety, comfort and home surroundings help the wellbeing of any immobile individual. For immobile people who need helping getting in and out of bed, ceiling lifts are a life-saving solution. The experts at Glickman will show you how ceiling lifts can be mounted directly into your home’s ceiling beams a path can be customized to guide the individual from room to room.

Plan, Design and Create: A better life with mechanical lifts today!

Glickman, the leading contracting firm for home design and remodeling, provides customers in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and the Maryland area with everything they need to create in-home mechanical lifts. A home should have accessibility for everyone no matter what the need and with the advent of new mechanical products, anyone can stay in their home.

Exceeding Expectations

For all your building, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman/Design Remodel Build is the right choice. If you’d like to discuss a new project with a knowledgeable consultant, you can contact us via our website or call us at one of the phone numbers below:

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Glickman has been a pioneer in the field of installing home elevators and other mechanical lifts for families for over 40 years. We utilize our experience, design and knowledge of the latest advances to make the best choices. Glickman was built on a foundation of integrity, care, and understanding. From day one, our mission has been to provide superior design, remodeling and construction services to customers that value their fine homes. We strive to exceed expectations by focusing on professionalism, clear communication, quality, craftsmanship and meeting unique needs.