Age in Place: Because Home Is Truly Where the Heart Is

Every senior asks themselves this question. Should I stay or should I go?
Do you stay in the home you love? Or go to an assisted living facility? For many, it’s much more than just a move. It’s a deeply emotional decision that’s life-changing.

Our homes are where we feel safe and secure, and for good reasons. We know our homes. We know our neighbors. And we know our neighborhoods. But it’s also about comfort. Of the many benefits of aging in place, the most important one is that living independently at home is a safer and healthier option. Studies prove it. So the question that needs to be answered is: who will take care of you better, the loved ones around you or strangers in an assisted living facility?

Safety above all

Author Mary Shelley said, “ nothing is as painful to the human mind as great and sudden change.” For many years your home has been the place that you’ve connected with deeply. And having to leave the familiarity of a family home can be jarring and stressful. By staying in your home, you’re able to continue the life you love and participate more closely in the lives of your children, grandchildren and the community with which you’re familiar.

But it’s a safety issue as well. And a home designed to age in place can offer you the same security and enhancements as assisted living homes without the stress of overcrowding, overworked and potentially careless staff and the common spread of infectious diseases which are prevalent in assisted living facilities.

Glickman can help

The Glickman Design Remodel Build team has years of experience designing accessible and age in place projects and they are well versed in the unique needs of families for whom physical disability is part of day-to-day life. The entire Glickman team has developed a passion to serve this community and anyone who wishes to remain in their home for life.

Age in Place
Images of the Alter/Lott home featured in the Washington Post 8/22/2019

Recently the Washington Post, in an article by Wendy A. Jordan, highlighted Glickman’s desire for excellence. “His Rockville firm, Glickman Design Build, specializes in accessibility, aging in place and universal design — an approach that incorporates safety and convenience features that blend into attractive home designs. A home that is comfortable and safe for aging in place generally has a number of features, including the option for one-story living; an open plan with wide passageways and doorways; rooms and showers large enough for wheelchairs to navigate; at least one step less entry; and low thresholds. Other features include: smooth floors; good lighting; storage and work surfaces that are easy to see and reach; easy-grip handles; grab bars; comfort-height commodes; easy-to-operate windows; HVAC and other equipment; low-maintenance materials and systems; appliances that are safe and easy to use; and stairs with handrails, deep treads and shallow risers.”

Plan, Design and Create the right place to age in place today!

Glickman Design Remodel Build, the area’s leading group for custom home renovation, provides customers in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and the Maryland area with everything they need to create age in place living. We are so proud to lead with our creativity, design and forward thinking to help seniors stay in their homes and get more families to live together under one roof.

For over 40 years we’ve strived to exceed expectations focused on professionalism, clear communication, quality, craftsmanship and meeting unique needs. Whether you’re considering a full custom home renovation, a master bath addition or a luxury kitchen remodel, we’re here to help.

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