Sun Room: Its time to see the light

“While that lucky old sun got nothin’ to do
But roll around heaven all day…”

It’s time to put that lucky old sun to work at your house. If you’re like most, remodeling means the bathroom and kitchen comes first. They are the most impactful on home resale value and this high-use, high-traffic rooms make your life better today. But there’s something else to consider: The sun. Even though you live in the northeast you can take full advantage of the bright, glorious sunlight all year long.

Let the sunshine in

A sunroom will be the most flexible room in your house. It has the ability to change a home’s entire atmosphere. A sunroom can be a morning breakfast room and an end of day relaxing room. It’s also an entertaining and bright and cheery workroom.
A sunroom extends the outdoors, providing natural light and greenery.


There are many ways to remodel your home to accommodate various kinds of sunrooms and you can choose anything from greenhouses to enclosed porches. Whatever you do chose, an indoor-outdoor room is a creative place to be with nature year-round, regardless of the weather or climate. A bright sunroom can also reveal your interior designer skills because there is so much flexibility in décor and style. But don’t forget, the one most important consideration when planning for a sunroom; hiring the right contractor. And in this area, it’s Glickman/Design Remodel Build. No one knows older and newer homes better. They have over 40 years building everything from amazing sunrooms, to bedrooms to spacious new additions.

Don’t miss another day of sunlight

Think forward a little bit. Picture yourself on a cold morning-standing in your new sunroom You’re warm. You’re enjoying the outdoors. The sun shines. No bugs. No wind. You think to yourself “Why didn’t I do this before. With the help of the Glickman professionals, this sunroom was affordable, it’s beautiful and its adding value to my home. And I’m enjoying it right now! This sunroom could well be the best investment I’ve ever made in my home.”

Planning for renovation

After owning a home for a while homeowners often add sunrooms as an affordable interior living space that extends into nature. There are many different styles and configurations of sunrooms. The best designs blend with your existing structure and appear part of your home. Sunrooms deliver openness and visibility. They’re also affordable with most sunroom additions being less cost than conventional construction.

Before you call Glickman to request a consultation, we encourage you to research what kind of sunroom would serve your needs and carefully consider a budget that is affordable and realistic. When you’re ready, we’ll be ready and gladly guide you through a seamless process that we are known for.

Why Glickman

Glickman/Design Remodel Build is dedicated to working with you on your most valuable investment – your home. On every project, we sit with you and carefully map out a strategy for the entire project. In our first meeting, we’ll go over important details and give you a thorough needs analysis. Our consultants will design a sunroom or any room with you and we will show you many ideas and projects we’ve successfully completed. Of course, there are many kinds of sunrooms and your choice depends on your needs. But we guarantee we will get you the right room for the right price. That’s the Glickman difference.

Plan, Design, Create and Remodel Today!

Glickman, the leading group for home additions, provides customers in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and the Maryland area with everything they need to create to live better in-place. We are so proud to lead with our creativity, design and forward-thinking to help people stay in their homes and get more families to live together under one roof. That’s why so many homeowners have called on us to start the addition process.
Glickman was built on a foundation of integrity, care, and understanding. From day one our mission has been to provide superior design, remodel and construction services to customers that value their fine homes. For over 40 years we’ve strived to exceed expectations focused on professionalism, clear communication, quality, craftsmanship and meeting unique needs. For all your additions, renovations and remodeling needs, Glickman/Design Remodel Build is the right choice. If you’d like to discuss a new project with a knowledgeable consultant, you can contact us on our website or call us at one of the phone numbers below:

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