The Jury Is In: Homeowners Are Staying Home

Even before the onset of COVID, a trend was developing where homeowners were realizing that a well designed addition to their home, usually on the first floor, that would give them accessibility to a master bed room and bath would be the answer to whether they would stay or eventually need to move in their later years to assisted living.

Now, a pandemic has made the decision to turn a home into a “Home For Life” even easier. When you consider a new remodel or addition, your best investment maybe adding a first floor master bedroom and bath. In the near term, this new addition could be used for aging parents that you want to be near you. Equipping a new bathroom with accessible features will ensure safety and comfort and piece of mind now and will enable you to use this custom feature of your home in the years to come.

As you expand, consider the advantages of creating flex space in your home. Flex space is the concept where a room serves duel purposes. The most popular flex space option is the creation of a home office addition that can be converted into a great room.

The designers at Glickman|Design Remodel Build have experience in creating and building every kind of addition you can think of and we specialize in helping you see into your homes future. Give us a call and lets explore how we can work together to create “Your Home For Life”

How to get started? 
We encourage you to research, ask your friends and family and noodle a bit over how you would enhance your home to truly make it “Your Home For Life”. Then call
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Here are a just a few samples of the hundreds of first floor master baths we’ve created for our clients in the DMV.

Bathroom Renovation