Making Accessibility Accessible

Recently, Washington Metro Oasis in association with the  Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services asked Russ Glickman to join an open video conference call as their expert on Accessibility in residential home design. Russ gave a presentation entitled “Home For Life: Planning Ahead to Age In Place” to over 100 participants. The presentation covered many of the ways existing homes can be remodeled and equipped to enable homeowners to enjoy accessibility to their entire home in a safe, convenient and beautifully designed way.https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/A9Iuh_5giOrl94iPitFzR8rh49OzgJvR7N0680Gb69lyQtkh-k_pc_eDHD4vSZnz.LI45bA0AC1TLxYxY
“I’m always happy to share building tips and new features that are available in the accessibility design market”, says Russ Glickman. “ I also appreciated the many positive comments I received from the  participants on the call and I’m looking forward to giving more presentations to homeowners who want to convert their existing house into their home for life.”

How to get started turning your house into an accessible home. 
We encourage you to research, ask your friends and family and noodle a bit over how you would enhance your home to truly make it “Your Home For Life”. Then call
Glickman |Design Remodel Build. We’ve been helping homeowners just like yourself in the DMV for over 40 years with creative design and premium quality construction.

Please contact us or call us at the numbers below.

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Here are a just a few samples of the hundreds of accessibility projects Glickman|Design Remodel Build and created in our area.

turning your house into an accessible home
turning your house into an accessible home
mechanical lifts
In home, 3 story elevator
turning your house into an accessible home