Get Ready for the Spring Home Renovation Season

Let’s face it, we’re staying home more. And now that 2020 is nearing it’s end (happily for most of us), homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their homes for 2021. This past year exposed many of the limitations of our homes. From not enough kitchen space, too few bathrooms, not enough play space for the kids, the desire for a new outdoor deck or sunroom, and the sudden, unanticipated need for the home office.

In short, we need more out of our homes. We’ve put together some thoughts on how you can approach the upcoming 2021 home remodeling and addition season. And don’t forget, when you’re ready to start creating Your Home For Life, reach out to Glickman|Design Remodel Build, we’re ready to go!

Make the most of your outdoor projects by starting in early spring
Upgrades like building a deck or adding a sunroom are popular improvement projects in the spring. You may also want to consider a landscaping project for your front or backyard. Upgrading the exterior with hardscape materials like stone and interlocking brick creates an instant visual appeal and adding shrubs or trees also breaks up the linear lines of the exterior and creates visual interest with texture and color. Glickman would be happy to refer you some of the landscape artists that we frequently use to finish off our remodeling projects.

Get your contractor and materials booked well in advance
All home renovation projects involve multiple stages and lots of time, so the earlier you start planning, the more prepared you’ll be. It takes time to secure a contractor, source materials and design the spaces you’ll be adding or redoing, which means you need to start several months prior to swinging the first hammer. Also, recent shortages of building materials means that it’s taking longer for the materials to arrive and prices are trending upwards. So get started as soon as possible.

Don’t become a home reno horror story
When you put your home into someone else’s hands, you want to make sure they’re reliable and qualified to do the job right. We’ve all heard the horror stories of bad contractors who go MIA, take shortcuts or charge double the original estimate. That’s why you should always go with a proven, insured, accredited and experienced contractor like Glickman|Design Remodel Build.

How to get started creating your Spring Masterpiece!
We encourage you to research, ask your friends and family and noodle a bit over how you would enhance your home this Spring to truly make it “Your Home For Life”. Then call
Glickman |Design Remodel Build. We’ve been helping homeowners just like yourself in the DMV for over 40 years with creative design and premium quality construction.

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