2021 Remodeling Trends: “Alexa, turn on the…”

There’s nothing like a adding an addition or completing that long over-due remodeling project to add value, comfort, and personal style to a home. As you think about starting such a project, Glickman| Design Remodel Build recommends you to take some quality time and create a vision of “Your Home For Life”. But not just how it will look, but how will it ‘feel’ to live in that space. And ask yourself, will the investment accomplish two things: Provide joy and increase the value of your property? Once you’re confident on moving forward, reach out to us and we’ll meet to discuss the many ways you can create your dream remodel.

Here are just a few trends that you should consider for your upcoming project in 2021.

Energy-efficient upgrades that save you money
When you’re considering costs remember the better the quality of design and installation of the latest doors, windows, insulation, roofing, siding and appliances guarantees great home value and less maintenance for you. Glickman can walk you through the best approach to maximize your budget and create a higher quality spaces that actually save you money.

Custom living spaces:

Home Office
This year saw an immediate need for the home office and as you can imagine the modern home office has come a long way from a stuffy closet and desk. We can help you create a design that integrates with your home, but still retains the seclusion you need to get the job done!

Home Office Addition: The Next Room to Boom

Basements and Flex Space
The basement may be the perfect option for you to create new play space for the kids, media room, or entertainment center or just a quiet space for you to escape to or maybe…all of the above!. We’ve created many award winning designs that have turned a basement into an oasis.

Storage/Master Closets
Turn a spare bedroom into your dream closet. Through some creative design, the specialists at Glickman can create ways for you to access a bedroom that’s no longer being used or a spare space in the house to become a master closet. Also, areas in the house can be converted to storage spaces through some creative design that will help free up the living space that may be overcrowded in your home.

2020 saw a boom in homeowners purchasing gym equipment and designing and building their own personal health and fitness additions. They can be on any floor, be almost any size and be customized to provide you the exact health benefits you look for at a large fitness facility. We anticipate this particular trend to continue over the next several years.

Integrated technology- “Alexa, turn on the…”
Today’s homes are fully integrated. The internet of things allows you to sync appliances, safety devices, and other home features with central controls of just as easily through your smartphone. Glickman is expert at suggesting ways to incorporate the latest tech into your remodeling designs. Whether you install Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom or a smart thermostat for intuitive climate control features, we know the high tech solutions that will make your remodel or addition comfortable and convenient.

Open-concept/Partitioned living spaces
When designing a home addition or major remodeling project the recent trend has been wide open spaces. This concept has extended from simply taking out divider walls to a whole-house design. For example, walk-in showers, living rooms that extend to outdoor living areas, and large basement recreation areas are just a few ways that this concept is presenting itself.

But as we have also seen in 2020, health concerns have created a new trend for remodeling and addition projects that have more partitions and more seclusion. With the convenience of in-home communication systems, occupants can still have access to anyone in the home, but can feel a certain separation that calms the mind.

How to get started creating your 2021 Masterpiece!
We encourage you to research, ask your friends and family and noodle a bit over how you would enhance your home next year to truly make it “Your Home For Life”. Then call
Glickman |Design Remodel Build. We’ve been helping homeowners just like yourself in the DMV for over 40 years with creative design and premium quality construction.

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