Owning A Home Is A Great Idea!

When it comes to buying a house, or remodeling the one you have, many people experience a mixed bag of emotions regarding whether or not to take the plunge. And rightfully so. Investing in a home—especially a first home—is a big decision, not to mention a major step into what has commonly been perceived as the “grownup world.”

Regardless of your age, your career plans, your life goals or even your financial wherewithal, however, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the many benefits that come with home ownership. After all, knowing a thing or two about how buying a home can serve you financially and emotionally couldn’t hurt when you decide you’re ready.

Here are just a few of the financial and emotional benefits to consider when buying a home:

Home ownership builds equity. (37% Rise in the DMV)
 Buying a house and or improving it through adding additions or remodeling has traditionally been one of the better investments you can make. And statistics show that in the DMV over the past 10 years, home prices have increase and average of 37%! That’s over 4 times greater than the national average. That means, when you decide to buy a home, you have the benefit of knowing you’ve put your capital in an investment that has traditionally proven to grow.

You can cash-in on appreciation
 As you pay down the principle on your mortgage, or as your home value increases over time, you’ll find the equity to be a nice chunk of change if and when you decide to sell. However, selling your home isn’t the only way to leverage that built-up equity. Many homeowners who choose to stay in their homes long term choose to cash-in on their home’s value by utilizing home equity loans or lines of credit to pay for that dream addition or remodel you been wanting for years to meet the needs of our changing life styles.

Your own home means your own style. ‘Make It Yours!”
Home ownership means the power to change is yours. Create your unique environment by expanding your kitchen, creating a master bed/bath suite, building a home office, adding an in-law suite or refinishing your basement.

Here are a few of the hundreds of designs and builds that Glickman has created for homeowners in our area.

Putting down roots in your community 
As a homeowner, you’ll have the ability to get to know your neighbors, participate in various street or backyard socials or join different activity groups. Additionally, local homeowners generally have a greater voice and influence in community affairs. This can be a big deal when it comes to development proposals, school issues or changes to traffic control. And, of course, there’s the peace of mind that comes from the stability of consistent local schools and friend groups.

Glickman is here for you
When it comes down to it, buying a home is a big step. However, if you’re financially and emotionally ready, it’s a good step to take. When you’re ready, reach out to Glickman|Design Remodel Build. Our designers are eager to assist you in designing that spectacular new addition or a remodel to your exact specifications BEFORE you move in.
We’ve been helping homeowners, or new buyers, just like yourself in the DMV for over 40 years with creative design and premium quality construction.

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