Dream Deck Part 2- Tear Out

It may not seem important, but the tear out at the beginning of any remodeling projects is one of the most important phases, especially when adding an addition. In this case, adding a massive deck to the existing finish of a home. Extra care needs to be used to make sure that the siding, windows, trim and foundation of the home are protected. A careless tear out can lead to unwanted costs in replacing major support structures in the home, or the replacement of existing finishes which can be saved. For the Glickman “Dream” deck, all of the first floor exterior trim and siding around the bay windows and deck entry doors were to be saved, the exterior siding that stretched all the way to ground level would be kept, and one of the massive turret like gazebos on the right edge of the former deck was to be saved and rebuilt.

In addition, extreme care was needed to remove the amazing Wisteria plants that had infused themselves into the deck over the previous 25 years. These massive, beautiful vines had grown upwards of 60 feet in length and the vine diameter had reached, in some cases, up to 10 inches!

Here are a few photos of this massive tear out and the preparation of the ground for this new, elaborate deck. Stay tuned to upcoming posts as we go over the plans, some thoughts that Russ and his wife Anne had as they approached the lay out of this project, interesting build photos, and drone videos of the project.

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