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What Additions Can Do to Your House

Okay, so it’s time to admit you might need to make some changes. You LOVE your home and do not want moving to be your only solution. Your neighborhood is perfect, your yard is what you have always dreamed of, and your home is your happy place. Well, almost.

It happens! Family grows, and design visions morph until something just needs to change. The best solution to solve all your problems could be as simple as designing an addition to your home! Additions create the space you need while keeping your beautiful home just as you like it. The fun part is the addition can be as big and extravagant or as small and simple as your heart desires. Here are a few ways additions can benefit your home!


You may be envisioning a beautiful space to overlook your landscaped yard, pool area, or pond beside your outdoor-only porch. You can easily achieve this by adding an intimate, natural light-filled sunroom. They provide a serene place to relax and double as the perfect sitting space for hosting events.

Sunrooms easily grant a luxurious feel to your home, adding charm and warmth. If you’re looking for a way to expand your peaceful space, this is the perfect solution!

We have more information on this kind of addition you can find here.


With joyful little pitter patters on the floor, you likely have blocks, books, and toys on the floor as well. What’s the best solution to keeping your living area tidy without cluttering the kid’s rooms? A playroom! These additions can be a simple room add-on, or you can take advantage of the constructional opportunity and have a built-in castle or slide to make the area perfectly unique!

Playrooms not only help with reducing toy clutter and messes throughout the house, but they can also be a space that grows with your kiddos! They easily turn into game rooms or study areas when the toys are eventually replaced.

We have more information on this kind of addition you can find here.

In-Law or Guest Suites

Adding to your home doesn’t just mean a small room. You can add a functional area for your in-laws or guests. These suites can include anything from a bathroom and bedroom to a functional full mini-kitchen and living room. This is the perfect opportunity to add a private space for those you care for.

Suites also add a sense of extravagance to your property and boost its functionality. If you’re looking for an easy way to add this kind of suite to your home, we can help you plan the perfect design for accessibility and beauty.

We have more information on this kind of addition you can find here.

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Second Story Additions

This kind of addition is for the family who has outgrown their loving home and could use some extra space. If you’re dreaming of a home office or gym that can be your own solitude, you can add a second-story space or even utilize your attic.

The structural layout and strength are very important in this kind of addition. So, make sure you are working with a well-experienced and highly trained business. We at Glickman are here for any questions!

We have more information on this kind of addition you can find here.

Living Expansion

Additions can also be purposed as a way to expand your current living area. Adding square footage to be able to create a new dining area, larger kitchen, or other space is the perfect solution! This can transform your current home into a spacious, open floor plan with plenty of potentials!

Floor plans can be rearranged, beams added, and many more options when you have tons of extra space! We have more information on this kind of addition you can find here!

Glickman Designs pride ourselves on delivering high-quality results in all our client’s properties! We specialize in additions and are available for consultations. Contact us to get started on your dream home project!