5 Secrets to a Flawless Kitchen

5 Secrets to a Flawless Kitchen

The kitchen can easily be called the heart of the home. It is the space that is used every day for functionality and comfort. It holds special moments and memories that are soaked in every wall. That is exactly why having a kitchen you LOVE is so important! But what makes a kitchen flawless? Many factors!

Workflow, design, and aesthetics are a few of the key factors in creating the perfect kitchen space. Professional designers can help you strategize how to best utilize the space provided in your floor plan for a flawless kitchen. If you would like to have experienced professionals help you with your kitchen design, contact Glickman Designs. We remodel, build, and design with passion.

Below are a few of our top tips for a flawless kitchen!


When deciding on the initial layout of your kitchen, you need to keep the best workflow plan in mind. The triangle rule is a good reference for this. The refrigerator, stove, and sink work best in their own areas but within close proximity to maximize your workspace while preparing food. We suggest ensuring there are no obstructions from one point to the other.

Another well-formed workflow system is the ‘L’ rule. This flow places your refrigerator, stove, and sink in an L shape, separated by counter space. This is a popular choice for homes with open floor plans and corner kitchens.

Whichever plan you like more, just be sure to have an ample amount of room for the workspace you need with no obstructions. You can also always compare what you like to the floor plan to be sure it will flow well with the rest of the home as well.


This is where you can show your creativity. You can easily have a modern, basic kitchen, but if you want an outstanding, luxurious kitchen, then this is where the focus needs to be. Along with ensuring you have the perfect workflow in mind, when you design your space, imagine the many possibilities. Do you want cabinets flush with the ceiling? Do you want dropped cabinets with space for decor above? You can choose to have a built-in desk area, unique tiles, dark wood beams on the ceiling, and so much more.

The design can be as custom as you like, but always be sure the space as a whole is aligned with the aesthetic of the rest of the house as well. You can easily achieve the perfect kitchen design by adding the features you want while also ensuring the area has balance. If the area does not have balance, it will feel off and incomplete.

Flawless Kitchen

Color Schemes

This is a secret that must be shared! No matter how much thought you put into the design or how much you spend on features, if you have the wrong colors, the space can immediately feel tacky. Choosing WARM tones can make your kitchen feel welcoming and comfy. White, grey, and blue are always great colors to choose from for any space. Other good choices are warm red, yellow, or green. These all pair well with any type of appliance, and many stains usually used for cabinetry.

When choosing colors, remember to look for complementary colors within their palette as well. You can find the best examples online or at your paint store. Choosing one main color and a couple of complementary colors for accents helps to keep the area well balanced.


One of the main features of a kitchen is the cabinetry. It is vital to maintain good storage ideas while being practical to the space. You can be creative and store your trashcan, paper towels, spices, and large appliances neatly within your cabinets. This keeps your area clean and spacious! Another great add-on in a kitchen is a small cleaning closet that tucks away your broom, hand towels, and mop for easy access. This can easily be hidden to appear as a regular cabinet.

Choosing cabinets with beautiful woodwork and details is well worth the extra money and time. Whether you choose to stain or paint your cabinets, the additional details will stick out and display a more luxurious feel rather than plain doors and knobs.

Display features are also important to consider. You can choose to have a wine box built into your cabinets. You can also have a display case for any precious chinaware or decor. These kinds of features add more to the wow factor in your kitchen!


The things that are so small you feel may not even be worth putting effort into… do it! Put the extra effort into all the details you like. Having an extra tile backsplash design above your stove can change that area. Putting crown molding on the ceiling and adding lights under your cabinets are the kind of things that send your kitchen from beautiful to astonishing! There is perfection in the details!

We always recommend each client begins each project with flawless results in mind! With our expertise and all of the tips above in mind, you could have the kitchen of your dreams in no time!

If you are ready to begin your flawless kitchen project, contact us today! We would love to be a part of your journey and share our expertise from the last 40 years with you!