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Aging-In-Place Remodeling

Are you or your loved ones faced with the decision to upgrade your home based on well-being and safety of aging needs? There are many solutions remodeling can give you! You can’t guarantee moving into a new home would mean it could have all the features you require, plus remodeling can be a simple and cheaper choice.

We at Glickman are experienced professionals that have helped bring solutions to homeowners for over 40 years. We are very experienced with aging-in-place remodels and can offer you a guide into all that you may need. You can also find a checklist here!

The Essentials

When you begin modifying your home to suit comfortability needs and safety requirements, it can be overwhelming with all the options. The first priority is safety. We encourage clients to consider all of the must-have upgrades that will make life easier and safer for elderly adults. Here are a few of those essential upgrades.

Easy Walking Areas – This can include ensuring all main living spaces are on one floor level and that no steps are required in any area of the home. This is especially important for wheelchair accessibility. Another way to make sure all areas are easily accessible is with wide hallways or open spaces. Ramps and handrails can be added for great walking area solutions.

Bathroom Safety – This area is incredibly important to modify for AGING clients. Adding in non-slip flooring can reduce fall risk factors tremendously. Non-slip solutions can also be added to your walk-in shower or bath, no matter the material it is made of. Including proper toilet seat additions can help with independence as well. Raising the toilet height and adding a railing can mean more independence and safety.

Lighting Solutions – This is another topic that must be addressed when making essential updates. Checking that light switches are at each end of hallways and not hidden behind doors or corners can be helpful during the nighttime. Adding better lighting to closets, pantries, porches, entryways, and bathrooms is especially helpful as well. Having adequate lighting throughout the home ensures easy access to any area, no matter the time of day.

Convenience Additions

While upgrading features in your aging-in-place homes, convenience is a luxury everyone needs. These additions can be simple but so helpful to homeowners, caregivers, and family members. We always suggest clients consider all options during this process for things that will make the home smooth-functioning and easily accessible. Here are a few convenience options.

Laundry Room Modifications – This can include raising the front-loading washer and dryer 12-15 inches above the floor for easy transfer of clothes. Adding a place for rolling laundry baskets for easy transportation. We also suggest lowering storage cabinets or placing open storage shelves for reachable access to detergents and supplies.

Bathing Solutions – These additions can be extremely helpful for many reasons! Adding built-in antibacterial protection to shower stalls and minimizing deep corners can help cleaning and hygiene efforts. If only a walk-in shower is available, adding a fold-down shower chair can be very helpful. If bathtubs are installed, they can be lowered, and grab bars can be added for ease of getting in and out safely. Another suggestion is to off-center controls for reachability in or out of the bath or shower.

Reduced Maintenance – There are many options to consider in this area! Included are HVAC filters designed to be easily accessible, central vacuum systems, intercom systems, simply controlled security systems throughout the home, easy-to-clean surface areas in all spaces, and low-density carpet. These features help to bring simplicity to cleaning and maintaining the home.

Above and Beyond

At Glickman, we want to go the extra mile for our clients by providing solutions beyond just the obvious. We want to create the perfect home for you to enjoy for years to come. Here are a few of the many other options we suggest during this home remodeling project.

  • Low-maintenance shrubs and plants
  • Light sensors for exterior entrances
  • Nonslip flooring throughout the home
  • Surface to place packages on when opening doors
  • Flush thresholds throughout the home
  • Wider than average carports to accommodate lifts on vans
  • Thermostatic or anti-scald faucet controls that are pressure balanced
  • Accented stripes on the edge of countertops in the kitchen and bathroom to provide a visual orientation of the workspace
  • At least one wheelchair manoeuvrable bath on the main level
  • Design of the toilet paper holder allows rolls to be changed with one hand
  • Adjustable closet rods and shelves
  • Rocker or touch light switches

And more!

We work to ensure all clients have what they need to be independent and safe in their homes. We want you to have comfort in your own home you have lived in and loved for years and especially for years to come. If you are looking to remodel your home with aging-in-place in mind, call Glickman today!