Things in Your Bathroom That Might Need an Upgrade

One area of your home that deserves extra attention is your bathroom. This is a space used for convenience, essential needs, and relaxation, all combined into one. If you are ready to make some much-needed upgrades, you may find there are more options than you thought! There is a wide range of renovations that can make your bathroom exceptionally exquisite to the point you will want to move in!

Here at Glickman Designs, we have experience in renovating ordinary bathrooms into a luxury home spa experience. We specialize in creating functional beauty through high-end designs and sophisticated builds. Our team can provide answers to any questions you may have about your bathroom upgrades at Glickman Designs! Here are a few things we think are essential to consider when updating bathrooms.

Shower/Tub Areas

Does your bathroom have enough space for a shower and a tub? Or do you find yourself choosing between sacrificing a soaking tub for a bigger walk-in shower or vice versa? You may have chosen a combo option that can be modified to have spa-like features! Either way, we can help you evaluate which is the better choice for your space.

The important factor to consider is the features you can choose from. You can add recessed shelving for your products, a rainfall showerhead system, and even a shower bench. The options are endless!

For accessibility upgrades, you can trade the trip hazard of a shower curb for a complete, seamless walk-in path. This is ideal for those with wheelchairs as well. With open-concept showers, if you enjoy the open feeling with a little bit of privacy, we highly recommend frosted glass dividers. Again, these details just add to your luxury feel!

There are several other shower/tub options you can choose from! For many of these projects, you will need a professional group, like Glickman, to help you along.

Bathroom Upgrade

Sink Vanity and Cabinetry

There is no limit to the design details you can add when it comes to sink vanities! From custom mirror frames to built-in wall medicine cabinets to marble countertops, these are the items you will want to upgrade into a beautiful masterpiece! There are many decisions to make in this area, including matching the perfect faucet to the make of the vanity and sink. Thankfully, we have the expertise to offer the best layout for you.

Your cabinetry can be more than ordinary. Custom cabinets allow you to add hidden features that bring a new definition to high functioning. Integrated electrical outlets in drawers offer easy access to plug-in products while keeping your countertops clean. Drawer storage can be a lifesaver for organizing all of your products and supplies. You can opt to have fitted organizers as well!

Your vanity and cabinets can be the staple of your bathroom, not only for looks but also for functionality.

Bathroom Upgrade

Overall Ambiance

If you’re looking for the big wow factor that will make your guests swoon, focus your attention on updating your bathroom’s overall ambiance. The colors, tile, and accents do more for your space than they are usually given credit. Ensuring these upgrades are a priority can make a huge difference!

A drastic renovation that can completely transform your bathroom is lighting. You can easily add can lights, chandeliers, under-cabinet lighting, and more. But don’t forget, natural light is also an option. You can insert a skylight that lets in natural waves that perfectly brighten the room. Extended windows are also a great option to add above your tub as well.

Bathroom Upgrade


Updating your flooring is an absolute must for bathroom renovations. This is your opportunity to incorporate modern-style floors that match your new shower tile perfectly! Plus, this is the best time to take advantage of upgrading to non-slip flooring. Think of the possibilities! Faux wood tiles, marble, herringbone patterns, and many more styles come to mind!

Speaking of spa luxury, you can also incorporate heated floors into your bathroom; just be sure to specify this at the beginning of your renovation.

There are many more design and layout options you can consider for your bathroom upgrades! We at Glickman are here to help you discuss all of your choices and offer our professional guidance. Reach out to us at Glickman Designs.