How to Transform Your Condominium to Feel Bigger

Have you been brainstorming ways to make your oh-so-loved condominium feel a bit more spacious? Condos are notorious for being versatile in their layouts and amenities. You may already have top-notch facilities included in your building, such as a barbeque area, swimming pool, terrace, or meeting room. But what about an office space or a lavish party area in your own living room?

No matter what you are looking to make space for, your options are countless! As with any remodeling project, there are considerations to prioritize while choosing your renovations, including building rules/regulations, construction accessibility, and limitations, but these are all common with condominium projects. You can quickly upgrade your space with endless design options that can transform your condo in a way that reflects your style and functionality. It just requires some planning and creativity!

Of course, we recommend experienced professionals who can help you navigate the intricacies of this type of project with ease. Glickman has offered condominium remodeling services for decades with amazing outcomes to show for it. Contact us if you are ready to transform your condo into a more spacious home!

make space in Condominium

Here are a few options you can choose to create a larger feel in your condominium:

Option 1: Utilize Your Empty Spaces

It is easy to find unused spots of potential in your home! This can be an odd corner that doesn’t fit furniture well or even an empty area you can’t find a use for. These spaces are ideal for design possibilities! Odd height places, like under stairs, can be turned into bookshelves or a unique hidden storage room. A few extra inches of room in your kitchen can even become a pantry!

We recommend making the most of your floor plan and assessing your condo’s functionality. You may find your bathroom could actually fit a walk-in shower AND a garden tub if you only moved the floorplan around; you could completely transform your bathroom! This is just one example of how big changes can be made from small adjustments.

This is exactly why we encourage having a design specialist help you find all the potential within your condo. During this process, be open to new ideas. Considerations like a new countertop or smaller appliances that take up less space can transform a room.

Option 2: Consider Your “Built-In” Options

Clever storage is extremely important when mapping out your condo renovations. Along with utilizing your empty spaces, as mentioned above, you can also create clever storage by considering your built-in options! Remodeling your living room to include a built-in entertainment center or bookshelf provides many opportunities for storage and aesthetic upgrades. Shelving and cabinets immediately offer functional yet attractive designs and accessibilities. Deciding on open shelving instead of doors for your cabinets can help give a more open, airy feel in any space.

The cabinet options aren’t only confined to wall spaces. Adding an extra workspace in your kitchen with a beautiful new island is another way you can add a bigger feel to your condo. An extended counter option can also offer seating options as well, which only means more space to entertain!

Option 3: Walls

After considering your building rules, regulations, and room limitations, you can look into wall options. If you are looking to add more space in terms of rooms available, a wall can be added for separation or to create a new office or bedroom. If you are looking to add space to your condo by opening up the separation between two rooms, such as combining dining rooms with your living room, you can possibly take down a wall or create a large entryway in a wall.

Converting your floor plan is much easier to do when you have a professional remodeling company to complete the project safely and effectively.

Option 4: Upgrade the Details

Your condo could possibly need some detailed upgrades. Things like lighting and paint can make the room feel bigger and bring an airier feel to your space. Some ideas for “details” that could use an upgrade are:

• Light fixtures that give a taller dimension to the ceiling
• Under cabinet lighting
• Lighter paint colors
• Crown molding to make your walls look taller
• Switch out warm lights for soft lighting
• Add a large accent wall mirror
• Add an accent wall – shiplap, wallpaper, wood panels, trim framing, etc.

These detail projects can be small but make a very big difference in your condo. A home remodel designer can be exactly what you need to get a creative perspective in this area as well!

Overall, your options for condominium renovations are endless! With some innovative thinking and creative planning, you can transform your condo to look bigger and more spacious than ever! Get the most out of your remodeling experience with Glickman Home Designs. Contact us to get started on your project!