The Rave Over Bump-Out Additions

Bump-out additions is another option to add extra space and square footage to your home. If you want to extend your kitchen or create room for a garden tub in your bathroom, this could be the perfect option! Bump-out additions are all the rave for money and time-saving option.

Your home designer can help walk you through the process of a bump-out design. It is quite efficient and simple in terms of home additions and renovations. Once you decide to add a few feet to any space, it can open the floor to many possibilities. It is important to remember that bump-outs are not for you if you are looking to add an entire room to your home. However, adding a spacious closet or extending your kitchen for more island space is exactly what this type of project can successfully give you!

Bump-Out Additions

What Are Bump-Out Additions

As the name would suggest, when we complete this type of project, we simply “bump out” a wall to make a particular room larger. This is done in a seamless fashion, so it looks completely natural when we are finished. At the end of the day, you get the additional square footage that you need relatively quickly and efficiently at a very affordable price point.

Just as simple as its name, this project consists of bumping out a wall to extend a current space. In many cases, all that is required is to tear down an existing wall and add another further out. The best part of this type of project is it can be done so seamlessly to look as natural as the original plan.

The contractor will assess your home to be sure what is required, but if the finished floor is above the outside landscape, a simple build of up to 3 feet deep and 10-12 feet long can be added. This can automatically create an extra sun-soaked breakfast area in your kitchen or a walk-in closet in your master bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

How Are Bump-Out Additions Cost Saving

With bump-out additions, you can easily avoid costly foundation or roof work for your addition. Your home remodeler can give you the best suggestions for your project once they have properly assessed your home. However, if you decide to use an existing foundation from a porch or other area, that is one cost saved. Another option is to tuck the addition under the existing roofing. Then, the only build is a wall extension.

If you want a consistent look around your house, we suggest extending the roof over the bump-out, which is still less costly than designing a brand-new roof. This way, you have a unified look that seamlessly attaches to the newest addition to your home. Bump-out additions are definitely a clever and economical home renovation choice!

Why You Should Choose Glickman for Your Bump-Out Project

Glickman Design Build is highly experienced and a leading resource in the Great Falls and McLean, Virginia, area for bump-out additions. Our company has worked closely with many families in these surrounding communities. We proudly serve this area and many other areas, such as Potomac and Bethesda, Maryland, for all their bump-out addition needs.

Because of our long history of work in these specific cities, our home remodeling company stands out in a unique way. Each part of the country is known for its specific architectural preferences, and great experience is required to understand the nuances given to each area fully. We have been exceeding these expectations in our area for years, and we know every play in the local architectural playbook.

This is exactly why our services are trusted and stand out far beyond others in our area. We have proudly and actively contributed to the design builds for over 40 years. We would love to help you in your bump-out addition journey too!