Open Space Remodeling – Is It Worth It?

Open-concept design is extremely popular in current home construction. It creates the perfect space for entertaining while combining the airy and contemporary feel of a home. Open spaces provide a huge shift of perception in physical and visual boundaries that makes an impact on the overall home.

Many are choosing to renovate their current home to include an open floor plan (and maybe you are, too!). The desire is to have beautiful, open rooms that flow into one another. The possibilities this remodel brings are so exciting! However, the question is, are open-concept renovations worth it?

We believe it is – and we’ll tell you why!

First, it’s important to know an open-concept remodel consists of combining two or more rooms into one larger room. This refers mostly to projects that include combining kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. This can be achieved by breaking down dividing walls to create a seamless transition from one room to another.

Open Space Remodeling

The Advantages of Open Spaces

There are incredible differences when walls come down, and spaces are opened. Functionality and overall aesthetic can be greatly increased. If a home is being remodeled in preparation for going on the market. This open-concept renovation can also potentially increase the market value as well. Below are a few more pros to choosing an open space remodel:

Perfect for a large family. Having an open floor plan allows plenty of space for a growing family. Children have more room to play, and parents can easily watch them from different areas of the home. This project can include combining small rooms to make a large playroom or nursery as well.

Natural light. Opening up closed spaces immediately allows more natural light to beam into the home. This can take a room that feels stuffy and dim and automatically brighten up the place as more light and dimension are added. Natural light can transform a room from feeling artificial to feeling cozy and airy.

Ideal for entertainment. A functional, flexible home is a happy home! Not only is opening up spaces perfect for those who like to extend their gathering area, but it is the best solution for a better flow of traffic. Not only is everyday living made easier, but entertaining large parties is much smoother since there is optimal flow throughout the entire space.

The advantages of open concepts continue to grow! There are many more to consider, such as increased real estate value, the opportunity to redesign structures, and the updated, modern look.

What Should Be Considered?

During this type of project, the biggest advice we can give is to find an experienced home remodeling company. Ensuring you have the best and most thorough renovator on your side is always essential when doing big projects such as this.

When knocking down walls in a home, the electrical, plumbing, and structural aspects should be examined first. This is important for safety and practical reasons. Usually, it is a simple process, though! Other things to consider are flooring and drywall. Once the walls are down, there is so much potential!

There is the opportunity to lay a favorite new flooring, create an arched wall, or even add new details to the home that weren’t there before. The possibilities are endless for design! Even new paint colors and wallpaper can be added during this process. This can easily add new life and revive outdated spaces!

Is it worth it?

Overall, if you are searching for a way to bring a dramatic transformation to your home and completely update your space, this project is absolutely worth it! This remodel is also perfect for soft transitions of opening small spaces to create a bigger office, a more open bathroom design, or even a beautiful sunroom to relax in.

Updating your home and putting time and money into projects that launch the overall value is worth it in our eyes. In fact, we have skilled experts who can easily help you assess and plan your home renovation. We love seeing the amazing transformations that happen when spaces are opened up to create a whole new feel. Contact us to get started on your open space remodel!