Home Renovations and Upgrades to Majorly Increase Market Value

Home Renovations and Upgrades to Majorly Increase Market Value

Are you looking to increase the resale value of your home? Renovations and upgrades are a great way to add value and appeal when it comes time to put your home on the market. From minor cosmetic changes to more major renovations, many home improvement projects can help improve resale value. Whether you’re planning a quick sale or just want to ensure you get top dollar when the time comes, investing in home renovations is smart. Read on for tips on home renovation upgrades that will significantly increase resale value.

1: Add Square Footage

Adding square footage is a great way to increase the resale value of your home. This will help boost home value when it’s time for sale and provide more comfortable living in the meantime. From adding an extra bedroom or bathroom to building an attached garage or extending existing rooms, there are many ways you can add additional space and appeal to your home.

Homebuyers are drawn to spaces that provide storage opportunities. Adding an attached closed-in garage is a great way to increase overall square footage. This means you can extend your covered porch and design beautiful outdoor storage closets. So, the opportunities are endless!

2: Build or Upgrade Your Deck

Adding outdoor living space is an easy way to increase your home value. Whether it’s building a deck out of wood or more complex structures with stone, brick, or concrete, this can be a great home improvement project to increase the home’s appeal and sell value.

Focusing on beautifying a space missed by most other homeowners makes your home stand out even more from your competition. Backyards can be an oasis, and having a beautiful deck with intricate and purposeful design can add incredible value to your property.

3: Roofing Solutions

Suppose it is time for you to replace your roof. Take advantage of the fantastic opportunity that it provides! You can add a dormer to your house as a viable solution rather than simply replacing your roof as an upgrade. A dormer is a window that projects vertically from a sloped roof. This structure automatically upgrades your entire home for a significant curb appeal boost. Adding a dormer also allows one to redesign the outer appearance that dates the house. Overall, if you are searching for a major renovation that will instantly increase your resale value, this is the project you want to consider!

4: Kitchen Upgrade

The kitchen is often the focal point of any home and a great place to start renovating. A full kitchen remodel, including upgraded appliances, new cabinetry, countertops, and flooring, can greatly increase home value. It’s essential to use high-quality materials and stay within a consistent style when making these changes to ensure that the home feels cohesive. Investing in a construction company that has a professional designer on their team is worth it! Kitchen upgrades can be tricky, so having the right people to help you along the way is important.

5: Bathroom Upgrade

Like the kitchen, bathroom upgrades can be an excellent way to boost home value. Replacing fixtures, tiling, and cabinetry are all good places to start—you don’t have to do a total gut job to make a significant impact. However, if you’re willing to invest more time and money into the project, a major bathroom remodel can pay off in home value.

The bathroom is one of the main places homebuyers look for selling points. Upgrading your bathroom by adding a walk-in shower, garden tub, separate toilet room, or even a new floorplan could add a few thousand to your resale value. It is definitely a place to consider when making upgrades.

6: Add a Unique Feature

Adding a unique feature to your home that is not common in every house can also be an excellent investment that will pay off. If you’re an avid movie-watcher, why not invest in your own home theater? With the correct setup, it can be a fun and unique feature that will add significant value to your home. You can also consider using the space in your home to create a cellar or basement.

Another unique feature you can construct to increase overall property value is a pool house or garden room. These small but large additions can make a big difference.

7: Renovate to Include Universal Design

Universal design is growing widely popular in home construction. This design concept includes aging-in-place features that allow for an easier transition for the elderly or physically restricted people to live independently. It also adds functionality for wheelchair accessibility, safety features, and other custom features.

There are many more great ways to increase your home’s resale value during your next renovation. These projects are worth it in the long run and give you the ability to be confident in your property value.

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