An Accessible Design Bath on a Very Short Timeline

Accessible Bathroom in Virginia
This award-winning bathroom remodel/renovation was truly unique. The client has ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease, and therefore needed to convert a basically brand new 18th floor condominium bathroom into an accessible bathroom. Returning from Florida to the DC area in less than a month, the modifications had to be done extremely quickly. The client was away for the duration of construction. They came back to a completely made over bathroom and couldn’t have been more thrilled. The renovation included relocating some existing items and installing others completely new. The items that were removed from the existing bathroom included: a platform and a tub, a shower seat and a niche, a shower glass enclosure, a marble shower and bath floor and walls, a framed partition, a stone countertop, a wall-hung glass mirror, a sliding door and a toilet. The existing medicine cabinet, vanity base cabinets, and sink were relocated within the room.

Unusual Challenges
The biggest challenge on this job was the fact that we had one month to complete the project and being on the 18th floor of the condominium building presented challenges in terms of ease of getting in and out of the building. Working in condos regularly; our team knew the ins and outs of being as efficient as possible when dealing with parking, elevator and other building issues. Working with limited design options, we had to choose materials that we knew would look great and be available to fit our timeframe for completion. Knowing which products are easier to get than others, we were able to select materials that would meet our time constraints while at the same time look great. And knowing that we had limited design options being a condo bathroom, we were able to come up with a plan that suited the space perfectly while accommodating the clients’ needs.


Before and After Floor Plans

The Result

The result of this project was a re-designed condominium bathroom that looked beautiful and provided the functionality that the homeowner desired. An accessible shower, a toilet and sink along with grab bars transformed the room perfectly. The homeowner’s didn’t see the project until it was complete and were truly shocked by the transformation. They didn’t realize an accessible bathroom could look so beautiful at the same time. They couldn’t wait to show off the new space to their friends. View Project

“We could not have been more pleased! I can’t even describe the look on Curtis’ (my husband’s) face–the smile was enormous and so wonderfully genuine. You guys did an amazing job.” – C. B.