Outdoor Remodel

A 3-Story Elevator Addition and So Much More

Project adds convenience, light & living space

A Seamless Addition: The three-level addition looks just like an original part of the house. Inside, it offers access to all three levels and also provides natural light and access to a new
outdoor living area.

A Perfect Solution for Active Homeowners

These Rockville, Maryland empty nesters are just a little bit active, to say the least. That’s exactly why adding an elevator to their home made total sense – they refuse to let mobility challenges stop them from living their busy lives.

3-Story Elevator Addition

A Perfect Solution for Keeping Their Forever Home

Two years ago, on a trip to Kenya, the homeowner, Lloydie Triplett Zaiser, broke her ankle and lacerated her knee when falling into a hole on safari at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro. At the same time, her husband discovered that he had a blockage in his heart and needed heart surgery. She cut her trip short, came home, and went straight to Washington Hospital Center to be with her husband. As a result of her injury, she couldn’t put weight on her ankle for three months. Her husband couldn’t walk up the stairs while healing from his surgery. They both healed and were eventually able to get around again, but it was a wake up call as to how inaccessible their house was. They felt that if they wanted this to be their forever home, and they did, they had better prepare for the future now.

Lloydie knew Russ Glickman, President and Founder of Glickman Design Build, and his family for many years. So when it came time to select a remodeling company, the choice was very easy. Lloydie knew that Russ and his company specialized in accessible remodeling, so was perfect for the job. And having 100% trust in Russ and his team, she knew she could leave them with the key and go about her daily routine.

Renderings Provide Options: As part of the planning process, the homeowners had the opportunity to explore numerous design possibilities including a screened-in hot tub and a wrap-around deck.

3-Story Elevator Addition

3-Story Elevator Addition

The homeowners knew they wanted an elevator but details beyond that were unclear to them. The first thing the Glickman team recommended was considering an elevator lobby on each floor. The homeowners admitted to having never thought about that but now say that the lobbies on each floor of the 3-story elevator are their favorite part of the project. A reading nook was created on the bedroom level lobby providing ample sunlight to warm the space and the perfect place to cozy up with a good book.

The homeowners were presented with lots of options when it came to the elevator itself. The homeowner was looking for something that was simple, yet elegant. She preferred to add her own personal adornments to the space. The elevator had openings in the basement, first floor, and second floor. In addition to the elevator itself, a small deck was added off of the first floor lobby, with steps down into the backyard. A new roof was also needed to accommodate the elevator addition. The existing roof was ready for a replacement so the timing worked out well.

Kenya Educational Service Trips ~Tuko Pamoja~ Cross Culture Educational Programs

Through her business, Tuko Pamoja, that means, “we are together”, Lloydie has made 26 trips to Kenya over the years.

Tuko Pamoja supports 180 female craftspeople by helping them to sell their crafts in America. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their items go back to the women so that they can support their children and families. Glickman Design Build helped host an Open House at Lloydie’s home after her elevator project was complete and offered to donate $10 for every attendee at the Open House to Tuko Pamoja. With 92 people in attendance, Russ donated almost $1000 to this amazing organization that built a playground for the kids living in a rural area of Kenya that had never seen a playground before!

An Improved Home on Three Levels

3-Story Elevator Addition
3-Story Elevator Addition
3-Story Elevator Addition

Final Thoughts

“I felt that the choices and advice given by the Glickman team were right on target. I felt completely comfortable in their hands. The team constantly communicated with me and never left me hanging. And they always showed up when they said they would. I loved the guys working in my home. I wish I had more money to do another project just so that they could come back.”
– Lloydie Zaiser