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A Stair Lift Changes A Young Boy’s Life

Making The Perfect Home

Margy Dunn and her family were thrilled when they moved into their single-family home in Arlington, VA from the townhouse they had been living in. It meant more space, less stairs to manage and easier access around the house. But it still needed a few modifications to make the home perfect for her little boy. He has cerebral palsy and relies on a walker or wheelchair to assist him in getting around. He is independent and always on the move, so making his home a place he can feel safe and secure was of utmost importance.

The family called on Glickman Design Build because a friend of theirs had used them for an accessible project and they had seen the work and loved it. Not only from an aesthetics point of view, but also the creative solutions that were incorporated into the project. Margy knew Russ was the only choice to design this project because he also had a child with cerebral palsy so could totally relate and offer suggestions coming from
real world experience.

The Best Solution

The family’s initial thought was to add a ramp and porch to the front of the home. But after consulting with Russ and the Glickman team, they realized that they would need 50 feet of ramp so it was probably not a viable option. Incorporating a side porch and stair lift ended up being the best solution from both a design and functionality perspective. According to Margy, the stair lift is “life-changing”.

With five stairs leading to the front door, not only was this cumbersome but dangerous for her son. The best part of the project is how much her son loves his new stair lift. He’s proud of the independence he’s gained with it.

Russ also offered suggestions for making the inside of the home work better by incorporating grab bars in the bathrooms, widening doorways where needed, and reinforcing the stair railing so that weight could safely be put on it. The reinforced railings allow the little boy to train and work on his strength. Widening the side entrance door and bathroom door to make wheelchair width also made life so much easier.

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Words of Advice from the Homeowner

“Do your homework. The project was so much more involved than I had imagined. Working with a reliable company was great because they took care of everything. They handled permits, managed contractors, thought about design, and understood issues with codes because that’s their expertise. And because of Russ’ personal experience, he knew exactly what we were dealing with.”

– Margy Dunn